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In the past few seasons Clermont were doing quite well, sometimes near the midway point, sometimes close to the playoffs. They didn’t manage to get into the top five, so we can see the progress in the current edition. The club is in fifth place, with a six-point lead over its pursuers. And the gap from second place is only 3 points. So their chances of staying in the top group and trying their luck in the playoffs are good.

The team, like the previous one, has a certain bias towards more successful away games, but overall, everything is pretty even. At home their own performance is higher, but the club also conceded more. On the road they also score a little, but regularly, and concede less. As a result, it is quite possible to play a combination of X2 plus TM(2.5) or TM(3.5), with a large margin on the away side of Clermont. In home matches it is better to play for individual total more than 0.5 or 1. Against individual opponents even realistic to swing at 1.5. If you consider the total outcome, then against obviously weaker opponents, and it is desirable to insure a zero handicap.


French Ligue 2 teams

Club Le Havre has been quite stable in its performances over the last five seasons. The team is now just above the midway point, now close to the playoffs, and even once made it there. In this league, that trend holds true. They’re a solid team, well above the middle of the table. True, on the eve of the spring break they are 6 points behind the top 5, which will not be easy to cover, especially considering the recent defeats against the league outsiders.

Overall, Le Havre are not very stable, with strong winning matches alternating with outright weaknesses and failures. There have been quite a few draws. Of course, this is not a record, there are much more “world” teams in Ligue 2, but still a lot of points they lost in these games. As for the overall performance, it is at a level with the other neighbours in the table: about 1.37 goals scored on average per game, and conceded just under 1.

On home soil Le Havre proved to be extremely unyielding, losing little, but tying too many games. Scoring steadily at home, conceding little. So, it is worth playing them with double chance, 1X and TM(4.5). You can also take more risks, from ТМ(2.5), but you need to take a closer look at your specific opponent. As Le Havre themselves score at home on a regular basis, you can take their ITB(0.5) or ITB(1).

On the road, the overall output of Le Havre’s matches is higher. They score and concede quite well. In terms of the main outcomes everything is pretty even, which means it is better to move away from this choice, go towards goals and totals: ITB Le Havre, OZ, TB(1.5), TB(2), something in that vein to use.


Back last season, Gengham played in Ligue 1, and held there for quite a long time. But then it got relegated, and now it’s trying to come back. Let’s say, before the spring stage of the championship, the chances of it are not completely lost, although the gap looks threatening: as much as 8 points to the fifth line. In practice, Gengam themselves need to try very hard, with their rivals, now in the top 5, having to be fiercely furious.

The team is scoring at a level or even slightly more than the competitors at the top of the table. However, it is let down by the defence, which concedes just over a goal per game on average, while the main opponents have that figure at less than one.

At home, Gengham are fairly unyielding, losing badly but drawing badly. Own efficiency in the home walls is quite high, but also conceded regularly. Hence the main betting vectors: ITB(1) on the home team, OZ, Total TB(1.5). At the same time, the team does not demonstrate any over-the-top performance. So, it is possible to play combinations: 1X plus TM(3.5).

On away games the total dispersion of the main outcomes, equality of draws and defeats. But the effectiveness is comparable with the home one. Consequently, it is better not to play with outcomes, except for certain situations, when you are sure. It is better to take all the same ITB on both sides, OZ, TB.


French Ligue 2

Valenciennes have been a consistent performer in the past few editions of the French Ligue 2. The team usually finished at the bottom of the table, but by a fair margin from the relegation zone. In the current stretch, we can even note some progress, relative to that situation. The team is slightly above the ‘equator’ of the rankings.

The key feature of Valenciennes in its current incarnation is a very dry game, this team is synonymous with TM, bottom and all other jargon, meaning not many goals. That the team’s goalscoring and conceding rates are both noticeably below one on average per game. At the same time, the club have also managed to win 10 times. In fact, their top spot is secured by those wins, along with a fair number of draws.

Valenciennes are particularly good at home. Here, their average performance is just one goal per game. At the same time, the team concede twice less. All this translates into a minimum of losses. A confident bet for Valenciennes at home against most of their opponents may be a combination of 1X + TM(2.5). The variant ITB(0.5) may be considered, but it is an option against teams with a distinctly weak defense.

The away goal difference is almost a mirror image. Valenciennes itself is scoring extremely poorly, but concedes poorly as well. The away wins are few, so it’s time to play the home side, already on their 1X plus TM(2.5). And there is nothing that prevents to play OM(2) or Asian variant of TM(2.25) without referring to outcomes both away and at home.

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