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Team Grenoble are only in their second season as they have moved up to Ligue 2 from the Ligue Nationale. In its first appearance in this division, the team showed a good result, the middle of the table. The situation is similar at the moment, before the last third of the reporting period.

From the results of Grenoble, the fact that the team is one of the record holders for the number of draws is striking, although Nancy has scored one more. A rough parity of wins and losses, not even the total number of draws, zero goal difference – this is the portrait of an ideal mid-table side in the league.

The team’s results at home and away are fairly even. Therefore, it is dangerous to bet on the main outcomes, but only in specific cases, when the level of the opponent in the current phase is either clearly higher or lower than Grenoble. You can only take a double chance to “absorb” a very probable draw. Well, the side, 1X or X2, to choose, as already mentioned, for the particular match and opponent. Given the modest overall performance, about 1 goal per match on average scored and conceded, you can combine these double chances with a condition on TM(2.5) or TM(3.5).


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Club Auxerre have been relegated from Ligue 1 for a long time now and are floundering in the French second division. In the last 5 years only once the team rose above the middle of the table, and all the rest – places below. Even had to escape relegation a couple of times. In the current championship, Auxerre are going more or less as their current modest level. There is no claim to the top 5, but there is also a big margin from the relegation zone.

In terms of results, everything is fairly compact, with a bit more draws, wins and losses almost evenly split. Goal difference with a slight surplus. Both goals scored and conceded are just over a one per game average.

The team’s results are far better at home. Auxerre have seldom lost, drawn and scored regularly. We could take their 1X and TM(3.5) in combination, or just 1X on them in some mini express. It’s also sensible to take the home side’s goal, either in an ITB(0.5) or from ITB(1) formation.

Auxerre are more modest on the road. Not a lot of wins, draws are the same, defeats prevail. So it is reasonable to take it from the opponent, on 1H home team. It is possible to combine with TM, but carefully, with some players even TM(2.5) will pass, and who is more advanced in front, it is better to use a solid coverage, from TM(4.5).


The Can team had been playing in Ligue 1 for a few years before this season, but it’s about time and another crisis pushed them out of the relegation division. The championship started off badly, and the team got stuck in the middle of the table, where they are still located today. Can have clearly improved towards the end of the winter stage and will surely climb to the top of the table, but the gap to the top 5 will be incredibly difficult to overcome. So a return to the elite will have to wait.

Cana’s record is very mediocre, as befits a mid-table side. Wins, draws and defeats are piled high. The same applies to goal difference, it is zero. But that’s a general snapshot of the distance covered during the season. The dynamic, let us repeat, is positive, and in many games, even against very serious teams representing even the top lines of the standings, Caen clearly appears to be a difficult opponent.

The performances at home and away are roughly the same, so it’s not worth differentiating games on that basis. It should only be noted that the team scores well away. Given their form, we can take Kana’s individual total over 0.5 or 1, whether home or away. In some games, against not bad teams in terms of attack, you can play for OZ, as well as moderate variants of the total more: TB(1.5), TB(2). Against clearly weak opponents and neighbours in the middle of the table, the formally formed Can can be considered as favorites, and zero handicaps can be played.


For the foreseeable seasons last season, Sochaux has been in the running from the mid-table to the relegation places. The team is in roughly the same zone in the current championship. The results for the main results are extremely close. This also applies to the goal ratio, with the team scoring and conceding roughly 1 goal per game on average over the course of the season.

Things were noticeably better for Sochaux in their home games. There, they scored quite a lot of points, lost only 3 times, and won or drew the rest of their matches, about 50/50. Positive difference in home games and in goals. It is clear that on the road the situation is reversed. So we can play combinations: 1X plus TM(2.5), regardless of whether Sochaux is home or away. You’ll get a game from them one day and against them the next. It is also reasonable to play on the total TM, without tying it to the outcomes. Either by ordinaries TM(2), TM(2.25), TM(2.5) or in mini expresses TM(3), TM(3.5).


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The Chambly team made their Ligue 2 debut just this season, having risen from the National League. Initial results can be assessed as relatively good, the team is going just below the middle and is unlikely to fly back out, which is already quite a lot.

Chambly have a weak attack, producing slightly fewer goals than the games they have played. The team has conceded more, but not by much. It can be noted that the away games were even a little more positive for this team. There they felt more relaxed, scoring more. You can catch their away goals, ITB(0.5). In the home matches on the contrary, it is better to play on the opponent’s goal. You have to be careful with the main outcomes, focusing more on your opponent than on Chambly itself. With a number of opponents, who play relatively openly, the “both to score – yes” option is fine.


Nancy were relegated from Ligue 1 three seasons ago, having been there only briefly. After that fiasco, the team is now in its third season at the bottom of the Ligue 2 table. The same pattern can be seen at the current stage. The place between the middle and bottom, there is no big risk of relegation, there is some points to spare. However, the mood of the team is clearly not very good, if you look at the results at the end of the winter stage.

Nancy have the record for draws. The number of victories and defeats is equal, the goal difference is also very close. The games involving this club are clearly not different in terms of effectiveness. It should be noted that at home Nancy at least looks like a team, losing extremely little, taking points in equal proportions, from victories and draws. The goal difference at home is also positive. This indicates that you can dance from Nancy at home, taking their double chance, ITB, 1X and TM(3.5) combinations.

On the road, understandably, something terrible happens. It’s as if the team is being switched. There is a clear game for draws, which they have made up a great many on away trips. It’s worth playing the home side, of course, closing out the most popular outcome with a double chance. The most advantageous would be a combination of options: 1X and TM(3.5), as Nancy’s away matches are low-key.

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