Playing Book of Ra in Video Lottery Rooms

When you play in land-based venues, you don’t get the chance to receive free bonuses (which is what happens when you play on the internet) but you do have another advantage: with a defined number of machines, you can follow the people who play before you and see which slots seem likely to pay out.

If you see that a slot has given out high winnings, then avoid approaching and playing that slot, because in theory after paying out it has to recover and consequently starts to take credit and at most will give paltry winnings to incite recovery.

If, on the other hand, you see that there’s a machine that pays small but steady amounts of money, that’s the slot to choose to play. A slot that pays out a little at a time is said to be ready to give you a consistent payout.

We’re not talking about definite calculations, this is all based on studies of the average of all bets.

You could tell by looking at the people playing at a single slot machine when the machine had reached the figure to start the player winning.

Tips for making the most of Book Of Ra online

Indiana Jones’ thrilling adventure in Egypt is also present in virtual gaming rooms. It changes little from the real ones, but here there are gaming possibilities that do not put your capital at risk. There are demo versions on the web, which do not allow you to win real money, but at least give you the chance to see whether certain ‘tricks’ are really effective or not. Demo sessions also give you the chance to get to know all the symbols and possible combinations without playing a penny.

Chances of winning at Book Of Ra

Although there is no certain percentage of winning at both land-based and online slots, we can give some figures based on the percentages that experts have calculated over time. We know that bets per game range from $0.50 to $5. Of course, the higher the amount you decide to put into play, the greater the possibility of winning.

Let’s take a practical example to better explain what we’re talking about, pointing out that this is not a trick, but a calculation that helps you assess what amount to invest in Book Of Ra.

If you decide to place bets of €0.50 (50 cents), which is the minimum bet, you also have prizes that do not reach the maximum amount. This means that on all bets you are around a 15% winning percentage.

The maximum bet of £5, on the other hand, also provides for a greater number of winning combinations and we are talking about an 85% chance of winning.

Our advice is to always stay within the average, if you feel that it’s your lucky day then you can try some €5 bets, but never exceed the amount that you had initially decided to allocate to the game.

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